Wed, 29 April 2015

Don't Sit On your Wallet! #ChangeOurHabit vol. 2

Don't sit on your wallet!


This time, we would like to focus the discussion on indigo stain or bleed.

We are having lots of question almost everyday about how to clean / reduce the indigo stain.

This pictures shown, the same wallet but different result between the backside and frontside. The backside faced the bottom of human body and often in damped condition inside the back pocket all day long.

Not good for your wallet!

While the front side, you can see it has cleaner and nicer patina due to less indigo friction.


Don't sit on it and you will get much less indigo stain / bleed throughout your leather wallet.

See you in another #ChangeOurHabit edition!


Bon Voyage

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