Tue, 07 November 2017

Event Report : Brightspot Market 2017 - Modern Culture Festival

Event Report
"Modern Culture Festival"

Jakarta's annual hypest urban market is back with the bigger bang. Located at the most northern part of the city, Brightspot Market was flooded with trendiest young crowds from surrounding area. This market gathers hundreds of coolest local brands in Indonesia ranging from clothing brands up to the ladies' make-up line. In sum, all you need from A-to-Z was perfectly catered by various tenants.

VOYEJ has been following the scene since 2011 and never skipped once. This year we brought three new collections which include the limited collection "Bring Back The Oldies". We also offered some of the best seller articles such as Atlas, Atlas II, Vessel VI Americana, Vessel V Americana, Karimata III, and Vessel Vestigial. Specially designed display system were made in order to present our "special collection" with better view. You may saw some of our team were wearing few prototypes that we never published but we previewed it anyway for a little taste what you can expect in the future.

Beside the regular line-ups, we also provided the audience with the free treatment and free hand-stamping service for better experience at our booth. We saw some of the most patinated wallet from the fellow voyagers around and also chatted to old friends from the urban fashion scene.

We were thrilled about this year's event since it was delayed for almost 2 months from regular time and it was wonderful feeling that the event has been brought good vibes to our team.

Hope to see you again in the next Brightspot Market.


Bon voyage!


Greetings from our team in the freakingly cold venue from those super mega power AC units!

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