Wed, 24 June 2020

Pre-Order Information


Because our most popular designs have a cheeky habit of selling out faster than you can say, "Have a good journey", pre-ordering is a great way to make sure you don't miss out.



1. Place your Pre Order at the website, Tokopedia, or Inland Stores, then we ship it out as soon as our stock arrives.

2. The expected delivery period of Pre Order items is noted in the description of the individual products on our online channel, or you may simply ask our team members at Inland Stores near you. 

3. Please have a read of the following Pre Order terms before completing your purchase:

- Due to the pre-sale nature of such transactions, you should expect a delayed period between the purchase of your product and the actual delivery of the product.

- Orders containing a mix of In-Stock and Pre Order items or a mix of Pre Order items with different expected delivery dates will be shipped out together with the Pre Order item/s with the latest delivery date. If you would like to purchase a mix of Pre Order and In-Stock items and would prefer not to wait for the In-Stock item/s to be shipped, please process these as a separate order.

- We try our best to list an accurate expected shipping date.



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