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Klipper HO

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Introducing KLIPPER to our family. Special design tri-fold wallet with 2 card slot compartments and one coin pouch compartment. This wallet is specially made using Hermann Oak Saddle Leather, you have to feel and touch this leather by yourself to see the differences. Comes with unique lining design and solid handmade Ring-D. Another special thing is that this wallet construct with 2 different threads, Natural Color "cow tendon" thread for exterior and Natural Color Ramie Thread for interior. Every purchase will get SOLID LEATHER CHAIN. The wallet to complete everything you need.

Materials & Design

Material Description:
Hermann Oak Saddle Leather all around
Natural artificial sinew thread
Natural Color Ramie Thread
Hand Burnished edge using beeswax

Short Vertical Tri-fold
Six (6) V-Cut signature card slots
Side-to-side sleek hidden pockets
Coin Pouch Compartment
VOYEJ logo debossed on the interior

3.5" Width x 4.9" Length x 25 mm thickness when folded

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