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The most famous natural vegetable tanned leather wallet design of "snap-concho" revived in the VOYEJ way of compact and simple philosophy. Snapped with VOYEJ symbol concho, Stern represent the spirit of journey. Black dyed leather, wing-tipped in T-shape design stitched with "cow tendon" thread emphasized on our most "Raw" design. Also made from American vegetable tanned cowhide leather and sewn with cow tendon thread giving you the experience of "Maturity process" of the color and texture, thus your wallet differ from anybody else the way you treat it. THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE AT ORBIS STORE! Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 36 (LOT 36) THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE AT THE GOODS DEPT. Plaza Indonesia Ext. 4th Floor YOU CAN BUY THE PRODUCT DIRECTLY FROM THE STORE. Material Description: ✦ American natural vegetable tanned cowhide ✦ Black dyed cowhide leather ✦ Natural "cow tendon" thread ✦ Hand-stitched ✦ Burnished edge using beeswax Design: ✦ Short bifold ✦ Concho snap with VOYEJ symbol moulded ✦ Black, wing-tipped, T-shaped leather on the outer shell ✦ Six (6) V-Cut signature card slots ✦ Side-to-side hidden pockets ✦ Side cut; easy-to-use money slot ✦ VOYEJ logo embossed on the interior Dimension: ✦ 3.5" Width x 4.5" Length x 20 mm thickness when folded

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