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Chahin II Belt- PRE ORDER


As we are thriving to tackle the recent pandemic of COVID-19 that has lots of impacts both in national health & economic landscape, this PRE-ORDER method is one of our strategies to sustain.
Please expect waiting time for production based on your order date, for instance; your order should be arrived within XX days (PO time) after your order date. Worry not, most probably it will be arrived faster than you thought.


VOYEJ Leather Belt is a 13/15 oz. made from CHAHIN LEATHER material. Featured with Solid Golden Brass hand-made "Garrison" buckle inspired, "cow tendon" stitching with "V" signature, and burnished edge, the belt is a special piece. If you like a more "golden" color look on the belt, you can ask for pre-oiled service before shipment. Just write "pre-oiled" on the remarks form at the checkout process.



*Please note that belt size should be upsized 2 size (inches) from your TRUE SIZE (waist size) for best fit, not your jeans size. If you're in between size, go for the UPPER SIZE. Or simply size the belt that you usually wear.

*Belt size is measured from tip of the leather in the buckle to the center hole. Each belt has 5 holes, each hole has 1" space between others.


Materials & Design

Material Description:
13/15oz. CHAHIN LEATHER™ saddle skirting
Artificial Sinew
Hand-made "Garrison" buckle inspired
Burnished edge

"V" signature stitching
VOYEJ logo debossed
Oval hole
English end-shape

1.5" Wide x 4-5mm thickness (may varied)