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Sanitizer Pouch


Due to the global pandemic that affects every layer of society, self-hygiene has become the main attention to minimizing the spread of the virus. Cleaning hands frequently with antiseptic soap or hand-sanitizer, the more popular option, are now essential and people started to carrying their sanitizer daily.

This pouch is made to keep your sanitizer safe and more accessible since it doesn't have to be inside your bag. Knot it to your carry goods, making it will always be around whenever needed. An empty container is included in every pouch so you can fill it with your choice of sanitizing agent.

Stay safe and stay healthy, voyager.

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Materials & Design

Material Description:
Light-weight greige canvas
American natural vegetable tanned cowhide
Nylon thread
Machine stitched

Small pouch with snap button
Pet bottle (60ml) with leather attached

Pouch : 3" width x 6" length / 6" sling length
Bottle : 1,4" diameter x 4,8" length