17 August 2023

Polishing Brass Hardware of Your Leather Belts

Learn how to clean the brass hardware of your leather belts in few easy steps.

Solid brass hardware is prone to oxidation, making it look dull and lost its shine due to usage. You can find brass hardware in various leather goods such as belt, leather chain, wallet, key chain, bracelet, and many other. For some people, the "patina" of worn brass hardware is unique and adds the beauty of leather goods, but some people prefer the shiny look no matter how long they’ve been using it.

There are several ways to restore the oxidized brass hardware and one of them is by using metal polish paste. Watch the full video on how we successfully brought back the solid brass buckle to its pristine condition using metal polish paste and some cotton swabs. Some people would suggest using other metal polish product specifically for brass and some prefer natural method such as brass cleaner formula made from lemon extract mixed with salt.

Either way, your satisfaction is your priority. Just remember, better to start on the small area first before continue to larger area.

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