Care & Guide

Natural vegetable tanned leather has a unique characteristic because the color and shape will change over time with usage and treatment. The color evolution process from natural vegetable tanned leather can be helped with sun tanning and oil treatment that we posted below.

Care and Guide

Simple Guide to Sun Bathing Leather Goods

Learn how to darken the color tone of your vegetable tanned leather goods in few easy steps. Vegetable tanned leather will react to sunlight and prolonged exposure to the rays will fasten the maturity process of your leather goods, resulting in darker ton

Care and Guide

Polishing Brass Hardware of Your Leather Belts

Learn how to clean the brass hardware of your leather belts in few easy steps. Solid brass hardware is prone to oxidation, making it look dull and lost its shine due to usage. You can find brass hardware in various leather goods such as belt, leather chai

Care and Guide

Sun Tanning

Color evolution proses of natural vegetable tanned leather can be helped by sun tanning the leather goods under direct sunlight.

Care and Guide

Obenauf's Leather Oil

Obenauf's Leather Oil is an oil made to preserve your leather goods. It also has an ability to change your vegetable tanned leather