28 August 2023

Don't Sit On your Wallet! #ChangeOurHabit vol. 3

Don't sit on your wallet!

You may not notice it but your sweat can ruin your leather goods while sitting on it.

The bottom part of a human produces a large amount of sweat and it can dampen up the area inside of your pocket, especially when you are wearing thick trousers such as denim jeans. The natural vegetable-tanned leather will be affected by a damp environment caused by excessive sweat.

The picture clearly shows that the backside of the wallet which faces the bottom of the human body has a rough surface and it developed a bad patina which ruins the overall appearance. Meanwhile, the front side of the wallet has a good patina on it and a smooth surface.

So, if you want to get a nice clean patina that can amaze your friends, keep your wallet away from the damp pocket! ​Your wallet will age beautifully and if you combine it with the right treatment, it will last for a long time.

Take your wallet out of your pocket whenever you can and start your journey with a good patina!

See you in another #ChangeOurHabit edition!

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